21st CENTURY SPACE ADVENTURE. Logbook 1 / 2009 (AT023.2009)

F R E E - T O - D O W N L O A D

Styles: Space Rock / Experimental
Tracks: 13
Timing: 68 min.
Size: 124 mb

«A logbook was originally a book for recording readings from the log, and was used to determine the distance a ship traveled within a certain amount of time. Today's logbook has grown to contain many other types of information, and is a record of operational data relating to a ship, such as weather conditions, times of routine events and significant incidents, crew complement or what ports were docked at and when. Logbooks are also kept to help crews navigate should technical devices fail. Examination of the details in a logbook is often an important part of the investigative process for official inquiries. It is essential to traditional navigation, and must be filled in at least daily.»
Alisa Coral and RAIG’s Accessory Takes, authorized keepers of the “21st Century Space Adventure” logbooks are proud to present the original data entries which have been legibly recorded by independent space-travellers from Australia, Croatia, Russia, Slovenia, UK, and USA:
Alan Davey | VESPERO | SPACESEED | COMA STEREO | JET JAGUAR | FJODOR | AGRABATTI | OBLIVION KINGS | GUILD NAVIGATORS | GDEVA | Steve Kavanagh’s ZEN DAD | SPACE MIRRORS. Logbook 1 includes: 6 tracks from released albums; 5 unreleased tracks and versions; 1 track from the forthcoming album; and 1 compilation special. 6 tracks were mastered or re-mastered by Alisa Coral especially for the release.


Gdeva/Krobak split (2009)

F R E E - T O - D O W N L O A D

1. Gdeva - Kleti Quatro (22.18)

2. Krobak - Marching for the Freedom We Have Lost (13.13)

Концертный джем GDEVA и пост рок группа KROBAK. Под общим названием Kleti Quatro скрываются композиции TripPop, Klety Quatro и Mechanism-32.


Kleti Quatro

Our Second and final studio album released in 2011.